Asia's mosques deserted as coronavirus keeps Ramadan faithful away Kremlin hopes Belarus will soon free Russian men detained in alleged plot

Archer lifted a finger in her direction and listened to something Elle said. He let out a rare smile. Yes, that was Willa.

Was I making a huge mistake? Was Cooper actually exactly what I needed? My heart said no. But my brain? I really wanted to shut it off with more of this nasty sangria.Bethany sighed, reaching out to take my hand in hers. I just want you to be happy, Em. You deserve to be so, so happy, especially after what Nathan did to you. No matter who you choose, I’ll be here to support you. Just make sure that whatever you decide, you remember who has the control. Both of these guys are swoon-worthy, sure, but in the end, it’s your life. You have the control. It’s up to you.

I took another sip of my drink, finishing what was left of the now watered-down liquid. My head was spinning a little, but I couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol or what Bethany had said to me. Either way, one thing was clear.I had a decision to make, and I had to make it soon.By the time Thursday evening rolled around, I’d checked my phone roughly a dozen times and had changed my outfit six—yes, six—times. I wasn’t sure what was making me so nervous. Gavin had simply invited me to a dinner with his brothers. It was no big deal, really. I’d been around all three of them many times before.

Still, there was something about the curt, gruff tone of his message that had me on edge. He hadn’t explained why they were having dinner or why I was suddenly invited, and when I asked, I’d gotten no reply. I’d attributed his crankiness to the most recent outpouring of news stories about the company’s alleged sordid dealings, but I couldn’t be sure. I had a feeling the lack of sex was getting to him too.The doorbell rang, and I straightened my top for the thousandth time before heading to the foyer and pulling the door open. I’d settled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a red silk top with gold buttons.

As usual, Gavin stood there looking positively scrumptious while his limo idled in the street behind him. He was more casual than I’d seen him before, wearing dark-washed jeans and a weathered gray Henley-style shirt with three little buttons at his neck. The scent of crisp, masculine cologne hung in the air around him, ever so subtly, and I wanted to nibble him from head to toe.

You look stunning, he said, reaching a hand toward me.I’m so good, Honor says.

My father watches all three of us, but then decides he can’t tell who’s lying. He gives up and walks away.Thank you, I mouth to Honor.

She winks at me and then says, Feel like cooking breakfast?We’re almost finished with the eggs when Victoria walks out of her bedroom.