Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1) Feast of Fools (The Morganville Vampires #4)

As he went through the simple, spacious rooms, he noted the dining room along the back. The library off to the side. The small bathroom under the stairs. A pantry and a number of closets.

I do, of course. You’re with the White Rock CCC camp.You’re the local health nurse. Nurse . . .

It’s Myers. Nurse Myers.Captain Wolfe, he introduces himself. May I walk with you?I’m just on my way to Bittman’s Grocery where I have a part-time job delivering groceries. Again I notice the limp as we stroll along. It’s his left leg, I realize, and he may wear a brace.

Have you given any thought to helping us out at the camp? Dr. Crane from Camp Laurel only comes twice a week. You could come another two days. Then we’d have coverage more often than not. We pause on the sidewalk outside the grocery and my thoughts are interrupted when a family comes out with a basket of groceries and I have to move.These are folks I don’t know, a short man who, by the look of the blue scar on his forehead and the black grime under his fingernails, is probably a miner; his rail-thin wife, who wears a plaid dress that’s seen better days; and two little boys in droopy striped overalls.

Howdy, the man says, but the woman says nothing and looks away.

I’ve heard the boys in the camps are pretty rough. People say some are ex-cons. Does that sound like a safe environment for a lady? I ask.I gawped down in astonishment and even Quentin was gaping at him. Aidan caught his friend’s look. I can’t get the feel of the play until all the actors are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

What do you think was wrong here? Quentin, to my utter surprise, entertained Aidan’s overstep.Now she’s not giving enough emotion. I need emotion to write music. He cut me a sneer. This one needs more practice than the others.

Quentin frowned. It’s the first rehearsal, Nora. You’ll get there.I nodded, grateful for his kindness, but my cheeks blazed with mortification at Aidan’s hurtful critique. As I walked offstage, I heard Jack hurry to catch up with me. He threw his arm over my shoulders and squeezed me into his side. For once he wasn’t smiling; he actually looked annoyed on my behalf. Ye did great.