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Will you talk until I fall asleep? Just—I mean, just until I fall asleep. And can you maybe never tell anyone about it, like, ever?

I never pushed you on him, never! He took a step towards me, then changed his mind, and took a step back. Shaking his head, he breathed deeply. I didn’t know any of this. I wasn’t reacting right to you, and they thought that you were for Peter. And I didn’t realize what I… He trailed off, looking at the floor.You two had connected in a way that none of had realized, Ezra elaborated. It wasn’t until he started feeling threatened by Peter that we appreciated what was happening, and by then it was too late.

Slowly, he got up and walked over to us, attempting to relieve some of the tension.None of us are trying to pressure you into a decision, but Jack has made valid points, Ezra continued. You turning isn’t about Peter, and it shouldn’t be. You have a future with us, if you choose it.He nodded once at me, and then made an imperceptible motion towards Mae. She rose quickly and they left the room, leaving Jack and I alone.

We were supposed to hash things out and come up with some kind of resolution, but I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until I was yelling at Jack that I even knew it hurt me that he’d ever wanted me to be with Peter.I’d doubted everything since Ezra had claimed that Jack had fallen in love with me. Because if he truly loved me, then why would he ever want me to be with his brother?

I’ve made a lot of mistakes with you, Jack admitted quietly. But I need a chance to rectify them. If you give me time, I swear I can make it up to you. He looked at me, his wounded blue eyes pleading with me to stay.

I wanted nothing more than to be with him, but would it really be worth it? I’d have to give up my brother, and I’d still be trapped in something painful and inexorable with his brother. We couldn’t actually be together, no matter what decision I made.I showed Olivia how to give the kids the medicine the right way, dosed Lee, and then we carried him out to the car. We spent most of the night driving around, trying to pick up an Internet signal to download an update from the skip-tracer network. We all were so sure the PSFs had grabbed you.

Almost, I whispered, but didn’t think he could hear me.Even before they found a connection to hook into, Cate had sent a message through the Chatter. It turned out that when you got snapped by a profiler, the device the PSF snapped in my face, it not only brought your listing up for the PSF or skip tracer’s viewing pleasure. It also automatically updated that same listing with time and location stamps on both the PSF and skip-tracer networks.

That’s how Rob knew to look in that area, I thought.But how did you know to look for Rob in the first place?