Where Angels Go (Angels Everywhere #6) Subterranean

Mariko’s focus remained fixed on the makeshift key. That we might have won?

Hayyel’s smile widened. Yes. Much more. But there has been a price. Death seeks you outside of time. There has been pain, temporary bondage, loss of love. Injury. Wounds so deep they have scarred your soul. Your faith has waned and all but disappeared.That last part was for me. I wanted to argue about the statement. I still had faith. Didn’t I? Tap, tap, tap, tap . . . Tap, tap, tap, tap . . . Tap, tap, tap, tap . . .

Has it been worth the price? the angel asked me.I answered, My family and my friends are still alive. So yes.The drinkers of blood, predators in human form from across the seas, bring more pain. More suffering. You will have to sacrifice much to keep those you love alive and safe.

No. Nothing new beneath the hand of God. Hayyel pointed to the middle of my/our chest. The new configuration of energies is yet another strength.The angel shook his head, either amused or exasperated. It too comes with a price and with limits and with temptation. Use it with discretion. With wisdom. And, Jane Yellowrock, love wisely.

Hayyel laughed. It was a musical sound, like bells and harps and gypsy violins. I have healed your soul home. You are welcome. Before I could reply, the angel Hayyel disappeared in a trail of golden sparks.

I stopped drumming. The sound of the tapping, deeper than I remembered, hung on the air, multiple echoes all out of sequence. I set down the stake. Pulled a small throwing knife and pricked my finger. I replaced the small blade and stuck the bleeding hand in my pocket, wrapped my fist around the Glob. Drew it out. Centered myself with a single deep breath. And slammed it down on the trap of the arcenciels.Lighting boomed a few blocks over, lighting up the rod and the geode. I moved so I could see inside the open end of the hollow rock. The geode had a single massive crystal of quartz across the inside and thousands of smaller crystals attached to the outer walls. Something moved in the center crystal. An arcenciel. A rainbow dragon was already trapped, but not one I recognized. I stepped to the garage door and examined the clouds, bright with lightning and four arcenciels. They moved with agitated speed, ducking their heads, frilled necks billowing out like crowns and capes, bodies dancing with energy. Despite the apparent end of the battle, this wasn’t over. Not all of the scent patterns had been accounted for.

I remembered the arcenciel saying something like, Our sister must be set free. I had a bad feeling that I was supposed to do the dirty work. Saving a trapped arcenciel was a perilous undertaking. Not that it was difficult. All I had to do was break the crystal. But then the arcenciel might bite me, and I had no desire to experience that. The venom or saliva or blood or whatever they injected you with made paranormal beings crazy. Like, forever.Arcenciels were shape-shifters, light dragons that could transform into other creatures, and do so outside the energy-mass ratio that bound my own shifting. Soul could become a three- or four-hundred-pound tiger, but in her human form she weighed about one twenty-five. She shifted without needing calories to pay for the energy used in the shift. I had wondered if she had a pocket of energy she could draw on as needed to change shape and mass.

I went back to the silvered cage and tried to get a better angle to see inside the geode. The arcenciel was blue, the color of bright sapphires, vibrant in the colorless quartz. There was plenty of room inside the crystals to capture additional arcenciels. I had no idea what Le Bâtard and Louis Seven might do with several of the time-altering, time-bending dragons, except that I wouldn’t like it.Eli had been staring at the lock for the last few seconds while I wool-gathered. He said, Two things. It’s fuzzy. It buzzes when I touch it. I don’t have the tools I need to get this open. The rock inside might be calling something. Summoning something. As my gramma might say, I feel a vibration in my molars.