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No. Because it’s a lie. Big is better. Just ask all the women I’ve fucked.

Charly stops stroking her and looks over at me. Are you okay? she mouths.Gabe, this is Martin. He’s worked security for me in the past. He’s one of the best in the business. I called him to come and sweep the apartment for you.

I ran a spectrum analyzer over your apartment, and I found a bug in here. It was under the sofa, just tacked to the base. There was one in your office, under the seat of the desk chair. One in the kitchen, in the light fixture. One in the guest bedroom, behind the mirror, and there was one in your bedroom, tacked to the base of a lamp.Oh God. They recorded us having sex.My eyes fly to Gabe. His jaw is working angrily, his eyes lit with rage.

His eyes come to mine, and they soften on me. His hand comes around my cheek. It’s okay, baby.No, it’s not. Tears fill my eyes. They invaded our privacy. Things between us…private things, and they heard it all.

Gabe pulls me to him and presses his lips to my forehead.

Is there any way we can trace these bugs back to those bastards? Gabe’s voice rumbles through his chest.There was no knock. The door to the office just flew open like someone had hit it with C4. Or a Chevy. Or a—

Trez Latimer looked from the paperwork on his desk. Big Rob?As his security second in command stuttered and went into all kinds of hand flapping, Trez glanced over his shoulder at the twenty-by-ten-foot one-way mirror behind all his Captain Kirk, command central. Down below, his new club was poppin’, humans milling around the converted warehouse’s open floor space, each one of the poor sick bastards representing a couple hundred dollars of profit, depending on what their vice was and how much of it they needed to juice up.

It was opening night at shAdoWs, and he’d expected trouble.Just not the kind that would make a veteran bouncer go twelve-year-old girl on him.