Lesotho's ruling ABC party wants PM to step down, names successor South Korean farmers bartering sugar for North Korean booze to bypass sanctions

Luís’s only indication of surprise was the bright red flare of his cigarette as he sucked in harder than usual. ‘That’s a lot of money.’

Lotti’s dad had thought it was funny to teach Peaches to be a nagging housewife. Go to sleep.Peaches sighed and didn’t utter another word.

Lotti got back into bed. Her toes and fingers were frozen to the bone as she huddled under the covers warming herself up with thoughts of sandy beaches and endless sun.She slept deeply and the next day she worked on the accounting books while her guests took a wine tasting tour with Sean as their DD. That had interested her because the Sean of old hadn’t been a guy to stand back and let others have all the fun.But they’d come back with everyone but Sean feeling no pain and she’d had to admit, he appeared to be taking this best man thing seriously. Very seriously. It was . . . attractive, seeing him work hard at making his brother happy.

That night she watched from the sidelines as he ran the bachelor/bachelorette party like he’d been born a host, with natural charm and easy laughter.And the way the others clearly loved him . . . It made her happy to know that he’d made it, that he’d turned out okay and had so much love and light in his life.

Just as it made her feel slightly alone and a little . . . sad. Because she didn’t have that. She had her mom. Her cousin Garrett McGrath. And a few good friends. But her relationships definitely seemed to fall a little short of what Sean had with this group of tight-knit family and friends.

Sunday morning, she woke up before dawn. There was so much to do. She made breakfast, telling herself she was relieved it was check-out day. Soon, Sean would march out of her life again and she’d go to Cabo and forget him.She made him . . . happy. And hell if he didn’t return the favor. He made her very happy. Which was terrifying.

In the gym, she wasn’t surprised to find Caleb going at a hanging bag, beating the shit out of it with a combination of punches and kicks. And given the look of him, drenched in sweat, face grim, he’d been at it a while.She didn’t disturb him. Instead she warmed up with stretches and then hit the weights. She was at the bench press when two hands caught the bar and adjusted her arms, pushing it up a little higher.

He watched her, nodding in approval as she finished her set.Thanks, she said. You done beating up whoever ruined your day?