Disqualification not the end, says Hong Kong opposition candidate Hong Kong activists skirt security curbs with coded slogans and blank walls

The witch withdrew a dagger from her cloak and held it against Kristal’s neck.

While I had been surprised at first that Annora had allowed them to enter the island so easily, now that they were seconds from breaking the door down, I realized what her plan was.I contemplated how foolish giving them an advantage had been. I could have not title1=ed anyone at all, and it wouldn’t have made a difference to their fate.

Even with the witches they’d brought with them, they had already lost the battle. Hell, even if they’d had a hundred witches from The Sanctuary, it would have been an unfair match.Because they had no idea what kind of witch Annora was.It’s almost like they want us to come, Ibrahim said, frowning as he stood in the center of the control room, his palms raised in the air.

What? I asked, staring at him in confusion.There’s no forcefield at all around the island.

Sofia shot me a nervous glance. Why would they want us to come back? she asked.

I have no idea.Derek Novak. His face was expressionless as he spoke my name.

The sound of his voice threw me over the edge. I launched myself at him. Gripping his neck between my hands, I pushed him back into the corridor and smashed his head against the wall.Extending his claws, he lashed out at my stomach. I jumped back before he could cause serious damage, though he managed to graze my skin. Staggering slightly, but commanding every bit of willpower I had to remain steady, I extended my own claws and attacked him again. Ducking, I threw myself at his midriff. We both crashed to the floor.

Pinning him against the stone, I dealt him blow after blow. He caught hold of one of my wrists, blocking a punch. Digging his claws into the flesh of my forearms, he weakened my grip on him. Rolling over on the floor, he escaped my grasp.You dare show your face before me? I hurled myself against him again, crushing him against the iron gate of a cell. He gripped my head and jerked it forward, smashing it against metal. Pain seared through my already aching skull. I looked daggers at him, preparing myself to lash out again.