Logan's Choice (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #3) Midnight Embrace

No. I just . . . I want to take a bath and forget this happened. She sniffles. Im fine, really.

She was watching Daniel and Penn, and she wanted to do something. In her heart, it felt like she should, but it was as if her feet were locked in place, and her mind was still so foggy.Daniel kicked Penn in the side, but she grabbed his leg and pulled him down. Once he was on the ground, she jumped on top of him, straddling him between her legs. Her eyes had shifted back to bird-yellow, and her teeth were razor-sharp and couldnt seem to fit inside her mouth anymore.

He punched her again, and she laughed, an odd cackling that sounded as if it belonged more to a raven than to a person. She grabbed his wrist and pinned it to the dirt so he couldnt hit her again, and with her other hand she gripped his throat, her fingers elongating around his neck.You would be a lot of fun, Penn said, cocking her head at him. But youre probably not worth the trouble. I think Ill just kill you now.Harper! Daniel managed to yell as Penn tightened her grip around his throat. He was pulling at her arm with his free hand, but she wasnt moving. Harper!

Something about the panic in his voice broke through the fog in her mind, and when she blinked, it was as if she were seeing the scene for the first time. She remembered watching it all, but that had been like a dream. This was real, and Daniel was in trouble.Acting quickly, Harper grabbed a huge stick from the side of the path. Penn was too focused on Daniel, opening her mouth wider as if she meant to swallow him, so she didnt notice Harper coming up behind her.

Using all her might, Harper swung, and the stick cracked hard against the back of Penns skull. She howled in rage and pain, the monster roar mixing with her voice and sounding totally inhuman.

Daniel arched his back and threw Penn off, and she landed in the brush nearby. Before Harper could ask Daniel if he was all right, hed sprung back to his feet. Penn was back up, too, seething as she stepped toward Daniel and Harper.Yeah? Harper was lounging on her bed with her e-reader.

Yeah, of course you can. Harper set aside her e-reader and sat up straighter. Wow. Did you do something in the bathroom?Uh … why? Gemma froze in the doorway. What do you mean?

You look … good, Harper said, for lack of a better word.Gemma glanced down, looking herself over, but she knew what Harper meant. Shed already noticed it today. While shed never been prone to acne, her skin was smoother, and it almost appeared to be glowing. Shed gone beyond her usual scope of pretty into something almost supernatural.