When Archer pulled over in front of the house, they all looked at her. It’s not.

Finally I look up and he covers my hand with his.

―Miss Winslow and the Splendid Lover?" he suggested.―Too lurid," she replied, batting him on the shoulder. ―You‘ll lose your audience and then where will we be? We have future gray-eyed babies to feed, you know."

His own eyes flared with emotion, but still, he played along. ―Miss Winslow and the Precarious Heir."―Oh, I don‘t know. It‘s true you probably won‘t inherit, although thankfully I won‘t have anything to do with it, but still, ‗precarious‘ sounds so…"―Yes," she agreed, even though his sarcasm had not been disguised in the least. ―What about Mrs. Grey?" she asked softly.

―Mrs. Grey," he repeated.―I like the sound of it."

He nodded. ―Mrs. Grey and the Dutiful Husband."

―Mrs. Grey and the Beloved Husband. No, no, Mrs. Grey and Her Beloved Husband ," she said, with an emphasis on ―her."On Peter’s side, virtually all the surfaces are bare, most of his possessions already packed away into boxes and suitcases.

My mom is right, of course—what I’m doing is futile. Still, I grab my headphones, my physics textbook, and some comics. If I have time to kill, maybe I can finish up my homework and read.Peter shakes his head at me. Why are you bringing that? he asks, meaning the textbook. We’re leaving, Tasha. You don’t have to turn in homework.

Peter has just discovered the power of sarcasm. He uses it every chance he gets.I don’t bother responding to him, just put my headphones on and head for the door. Back soon, I say to my mom.