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Yet it wasn’t dehydration she found shuddering through Vaness’s small body. It was tears. The empress’s grief was so pure, it sang off her. Hot, charged waves that kissed true-true-true against Safi’s skin. She could almost see it—a funeral dirge to spread through the forest, rippling outward and growing perfect black roots.

I glance at him, but he’s too busy giving his sisters the evil eye across the table.He used to make us watch it with him all the time, Sasha tells me.

It is a great film, I say. Maybe being an actor was in your blood all along, not just a happenstance. I nudge his elbow with mine, and he smiles warmly at me.Yeah, but not only did he used to watch it daily, he also used to get us to watch it with him. We’d have to dress up like the characters and perform the musical routines, Meg adds.Aw, I bet you made a cute Bugsy, I say.

I’ll feed your wedding dress to Jester, he says to Sasha. And I’ll make sure it’s not fixable this time.Ha! Sasha laughs. You wouldn’t dare.

Try me. He narrows his gaze at her.

Well, I have nothing to lose, Meg says quickly. Vaughn didn’t dress up as Bugsy. No, he insisted on being Tallulah every time! He used to get Mom’s dresses and shoes and put them on! He even wore lipstick!I can’t speak, so I just sit there, mute, while he takes the seat across from me.

What can I get you? the waitress asks him.Sure thing, hon. Anything to go with that coffee?

He shakes his head but doesn’t take his stare from me. He hasn’t once looked away from me since I first locked eyes with him.Well, he might be able to look at me for an extended period of time, but I can’t look at him. Staring at Vaughn right now is like staring at the sun. My eyes are starting to burn and sting and fill with tears.