Obama, family not evacuated during White House briefing room threat China's Hainan province confirms its first fatality from coronavirus: state tv

I already feel terrible. I toed the grass as a flash of heat climbed up my neck. And I can’t say I’m sorry enough. But . . . thanks for trying to understand.

Knowing that our daughter was now within the mountain was at least somewhat of a relief.According to Mona, I began, we have at most a day before the white witches’ defense caves in. We must assume the worst-case scenario, that Mona’s spell will fail, and we need to prepare for the battle that will follow.

Ashley repeated the question she’d asked me back in the Dome before Micah had entered and interrupted the meeting.Battle, Derek? she said. Don’t you mean bloodbath? How are we any match for these witches?I turned on the blonde vampire. We’ve faced many opponents in the past whom we’ve been no match for. I was about to name the Elders as one example, but stopped myself as I recalled how she’d lost Sam to them. And we’ve weathered many a storm before now. I raised my voice, glaring at each and every one of the island’s oldest and most loyal allies, daring them to refute it. What we lack in brute force, we make up for in guts and grit. We are warriors of The Shade, and we’ll do what we have always done… Survive.

The crowd fell into a hushed silence, the sounds of the battle going on outside pervading the atmosphere once again.Is anyone in disagreement? I shouted.

When nobody responded still, I said, Then we begin. Eli, Caleb, Aiden and Mona—I appoint you four in charge of strategy. Lead everyone to the Armory and start preparation. Think on the best armor and weapons, and make sure we have enough to go round. Then begin training. I suspect Xavier will be joining you soon, too.

What about you, Derek? Aiden asked, frowning.His eyebrows bunched together in concern. Probably because of how unsteady my voice had sounded. Plus, I’d never really asked him that kind of question before.

Not sure. He shrugged. Why, what’s up? Everything okay?I stayed silent while I drummed my fingers against the steering wheel and bolstered my courage.

Kai, I’m going to tell you something because I need to and then you can decide what to do with the information.I turned off the ignition, so I could give him my full attention.