Oh, I imagine you’ll think of something. Deven’s controlled voice carries to me. Did he hurt you?

I stared at him, unsure why he was telling me this. Were we a team now? Was he coming back?

You read Fifty? I ask quietly. She blushes. Amazing! — the woman is capable of blushing.Everyone was reading it, she says, defensively. Then she looks up at me with big eyes.

I wanted to see what all the hype was about.She does that blink, blink, blink thing with her eyelashes.Did you pick up any new techniques? she says, without looking at me.

I squeeze her hand. Would you like to try me out and see?She turns her face away, pressing her lips together — horribly embarrassed.

Caleb Drake, the hostess says, interrupting our whispering. Right this way.

I lift my eyebrows at Olivia, and we follow the hostess through a door at the rear of the room. We are led through a series of dim hallways until we enter another decadently red room — red chairs, red walls, red carpet. The tablecloths are mercifully white, breaking the continuity of the color. Olivia takes a seat, I follow.I’m overtaken by his kindness. I’m overtaken by his — Oh, God! Olivia’s husband!

I compose myself before I audibly groan. This is a party for Olivia. I am at her best friend’s house, staring her husband in the face. Oh. My. God.I better go, I mumble to Noah’s delighted face. Cammie is vigorously nodding her head. Noah is shaking his.

You don’t look half as crazy as I thought you’d look.Did he really just say that?