Real Vampires Have More to Love (Glory St. Clair #6) Twilight Illusions (Wings in the Night #3)

As the guy stared back, it was as if Rhage had asked him whether or not he needed a new toaster. Some laundry done. An oil change.

She was hardly an enemy of the state. But she had committed a very serious crime—and God his head was pounding.Why did you need to see Xcor? he asked.

I fell in love with him. The Chosens voice was level and lifeless. I had no control over it. He was always so gentle with me. So kind. He never once made an advance to me—and when I did to him, he pushed me away even though it was well obvious that he … was not indifferent. He just seemed to want to be near me.Youre sure he wasnt lying.Knowing where we stayed.

No, he wasnt. I saw him on the property. I met him … on the property. Now she spoke more quickly, a fervent begging entering her voice. So he has honor—he could have attacked, but he chose not to. He kept his word, even after he told me to go and never see him again.Wrath frowned. Youre saying he ended it between the two of you?

He did. He cast me out and deserted the cottage we had been meeting at.

Was there any reason he would have done that?Bitty stood there, utterly motionless, as if her brain simply couldnt compute it all. And then she came forward, moving slowly, her arms down and her eyebrows way up. Her expression was wary and nervous, but she seemed determined to see for herself what was going on with the dragon.

More chuffing, as if the beast were trying to communicate that it was okay. He wasnt going to be a bad boy. He just wanted to say hi.Biggest lapdog on the frickin planet, Mary thought. And lets just hope it stayed that way.

Be careful, Mary said. No sudden movements—I think he likes me? Im not sure . . . but I think he likes me.