Styxx (Dark-Hunter #22) Finding My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming #1)

"You've been having nightmares too?" She whispered. He nodded.

Emery’s gaze flickered to the window and she drew in a shallow breath. So, not to change the subject or anything. She focused on me. Please don’t be mad at me.My brows rose as I glanced at Heidi. Why would I be mad?

I didn’t come alone, she said, and muscles I didn’t even know I had clenched in my stomach. Well, I tried to. It didn’t work out that well.What do you . . . ? Heidi’s eyes widened as her gaze focused on something or someone behind me. Oh my word.I didn’t have to look behind me to know. On a cellular level, I just knew, and my heart started throwing itself around in my chest. My pulse picked up as a shadow fell over our table. I knew it wasn’t our waitress, and I had no idea how I felt.

Slowly, I lifted my head and looked to my right, and there stood Luc, his bronze hair a mess of waves and curls. He was wearing silver aviator sunglasses, the kind with lenses so reflective, I could see my own wide-eyed stare in them. My gaze was drawn to the clean, hard lines of his jaw and then lower, over the broad width of his shoulders, and then to his chest.His shirt read MUGGLE IN THE STREETS, WIZARD IN THE SHEETS.

Like my shirt? he asked, dropping into the space beside me.

I think so. He threw his arm over the back of our booth. Kent got it for me. The ever-present half grin faded. Sucks about what happened at your school, to that girl.Yeah. Then maybe it won’t feel like a secret anymore.

A huge part of me didn’t want her there for that, but I’d do it for her. If that’s what you want.Then it’s a plan, I said. By the way, why were you out in that field today?

I was practicing with the elements. Figured that was the safest place for it.I grinned, but it was quick to fade. Why were you out there alone, though? Luke could’ve been with you.