Fused in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy #3) Hunger Untamed (Feral Warriors #5)

All right, then, she said. Am I going the right direction? I was so upset with Leah that I didnt ask. I dont know where Arsonist Creek is. Why dont I know where Arsonist Creek is?

My da made it clear that anyone who actually physically harmed her was answerable to him. And Mercys foster father, Bryan, was a scary bastard when he was angry. It took a lot to get him there, though, and Leah was very careful to skirt just on the edge of that. Mercy made it easier for Leah because Mercy always retaliated—and that muddied waters that would otherwise have shown Leah clearly at fault.Anna grimaced in sympathy, so he added, And there is this, too—usually everyone ended up feeling sorrier for whoever had pulled Mercys wrath down upon their heads than they did for Mercy herself.

She laughed. The shoe thief. And she lowered her voice conspiratorially. The chocolate Easter bunny incident.Exactly, Charles said. To be fair, my da, he believes in trial by fire. No one will ever again be able to maneuver Mercy into being blamed for something that wasnt her fault. Leah taught Mercy that revenge has to wait until the right moment but that justice can be satisfied without dying for it.Thats fair? Anna asked.

Charles nodded. Mercy wanted to believe that the world was a just place—and she can turn into a coyote in a world filled with werewolves and vampires. She has no quit in her. She had to learn how to survive—and Da let Leah teach her how to do it. Not that Leah knew she was helping Mercy. He wasnt completely sure that his da had known that he was helping Mercy.What did you do? she asked.

Brother Wolf wanted to roll in her confidence that they had not left their little coyote sister alone to face off with Leah.

I could not override my fathers decision, he said. Which was that we not interfere between Mercy and Leah. Leah, he told me, was his mate—and thus dominant to me.Asil smiled at her, a smile both patronizing and affectionate. Ah, he told her. But you are a child of your generation. Raised by people who grew up in the 1960s and taught that people are not to be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. That profiling by race, religion—or species—is anathema, no matter how useful.

If Asil had realized his expression was also wistful, doubtless the old Moor would have found a different smile for Anna.Werewolves are a bit more frightening than a black man in an all-white restaurant, said Sage.

Anna pursed her lip. Her father was a high-profile liberal lawyer whod started his practice defending protestors, which gave her a certain perspective on the subject.Not to someone raised in ignorance, she said. The unknown is a lot more scary than something you understand, no matter how bad that is.