Hi, I returned, breathless from his tender and sweet kiss. I remain quiet, waiting expectantly and wondering what he has in mind.

Adjusting, or holding back because you fear getting comfortable here in case they turn on you?

I don’t think they know anything more.Maybe not, but we have to be sure.

Myles scrubbed a hand over the back of his neck. They’re visiting relatives in Canada. They’ll be back Friday.We’ll come to your territory Saturday morning to talk with them, said Trey, his tone nonnegotiable.Myles tucked his hands in his pockets and shuffled from foot to foot. What if they don’t want to talk to you?

Trey cocked a brow. If they believe the rumors are true, I would think they’d want to tell us what they know.You’ll kill him, won’t you?

If he’s guilty, he doesn’t deserve to live.

No, he damn well doesn’t, agreed Myles with a sneer.‘What did she say?’

‘She phoned to screw with me. She told me she wasn’t finished yet.’‘Did they get a trace?’

‘Yes, Crane called me. He’s been reassigned to the case, at Sparks’ request. They traced it to a phone box in West London. Again, no CCTV… He couldn’t tell me much more… How is she not slipping up? How? I’ve been printing everything off from the case. It helps, having hard copies. I’ve been going back through everything.’Erika handed Moss a plate and a napkin. She opened the box and steam rose from the thin crust pizza, which was cooked to perfection. As they began to eat, Erika relayed what had happened when she visited Isaac and detailed how she was revisiting all the evidence after the phone call.