Cooper chuckled at me. I didn’t know my balcony needed accessories. What are you doing? he calls out.

Why? he asked, licking and sucking the sensitive skin at the base of my neck.

You’re being stupid. He leaned against the Jeep, his walking casts almost reaching the bottom of his cargo shorts, and crossed his arms. That girl loves you more than anything. She chooses you every day, and I bet if you went home right now, she’d forgive this idiot move you’re making, but I can’t say the same in two months.God, I wanted to see her, to wrap my arms around her and promise that I’d be home soon. I wanted to tell her to have a good time in Turkey, to soak up every second that she could—she’d worked so hard for it. If I go back there now, she won’t go to Turkey. Everything she worked for will be flushed down the drain because of me. There’s zero fucking chance I’m going to let that happen. If it takes me…losing her—agony ripped through me, making me almost physically ill—for her to have her dream, then I’m going to have to risk it.

I love you like a brother, Josh. But I want to smack some sense into you. Ember will always choose you. She’s proven that time and again, but you have to be an option.We’ll see what happens in a couple of months.You’re Josh and Ember. If you guys don’t make it, there’s zero hope for the human race. He pushed off the Jeep and grabbed me into a hug. Be safe. Save lives. Don’t fucking die.

I hugged him and let him go. Take care of her for me, and hopefully I’ll see you before Mini-Bateman is here.Jagger grinned. You’d better, since you’ll be the godfather.

Really? Godfather. Kick-ass. That’s amazing. I’m kind of speechless.

Just get your ass home, because something tells me you’re going to have a mess to clean up.He’s not leaving you. That’s why I’m here and he’s still down there, waiting for you. We’re going to have to be quick, before you lose too much strength to do this. He turned his head and spoke over his shoulder before looking back to me. The crew made it back up. There’s no rope, Leah. This is all about to be on you.

I didn’t know what he had in mind, but I could barely hold myself here, let alone do any acrobatic feats. And Paxton…he was going to see me fall. He’d be the first one to my mangled body.Paxton, I said quietly. I love him. I never told him, but I love him.

He knows. He might not admit it, but he knows. We all do. It shines out of you two the minute you’re in the same room—anyone can see it.I don’t want him to watch.