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Roni entered then, shoulders hunched and eyes glinting with shame. The cat unsheathed her claws, and Jesse ground his teeth as they dug into his skin. Just a little more pressure would have him bleeding, so he was glad that Roni didn’t advance any farther into the room.

Part of that has to do with his personality, Mae smiled at him. But part of it is his age. And since our minds always stay sharp, we don’t ever really get old. We learn from our experiences and we mature, but not the same way people do. Jack will never really act like a man in his forties, no matter how old he gets.In retrospect, a lot of what he did made sense when I thought of him as being more around my age. Which is why it never seemed creepy that he was hanging out with me, even though he was older. He never acted older. He was, after all, at my maturity level.

How old are you? I turned to Mae.I was twenty-eight when I turned, and that was… wow, that was fifty-two years ago. She looked a little surprised herself, as if she hadn’t thought about in awhile, and then smiled at me. So, I’m eighty. Wow. Well, that’s not as bad as Peter or Ezra.How old are they?’ I couldn’t help but lean in close, scrutinizing Mae’s perfect porcelain skin. It was hard to believe that she’d even been twenty-eight.

Oh, gosh. Mae looked over at Jack for help, but he just shook his head.I only know the age they were when they turned. Jack had been leaning forward onto the island, but now he stood up and leaned back on the kitchen counter behind him, crossing his arms over his chest. Peter’s nineteen and Ezra’s twenty-six. You’re the oldest.

Thanks, Mae gave him a wry look, then turned back to me. Well, Peter’s not quite two-hundred. Maybe one-ninety or something like that. And Ezra is… Gosh, it’s so horrible that I don’t know how old my own husband is. Oh! Jack, you remember! We had that big party a few years back when he turned three-hundred? When was that?

I don’t know, Jack shrugged. Like… five years ago? Time’s really hard to keep track of anymore.Sighing, Cain turned back to Ally. Okay, now that you’ve healed us, why don’t you tell me everything that happened between you and the Collingwood wolves? I want the whole story.

She took the seat on Derren’s left, and he immediately threaded his fingers through hers. It’s resolved now. Forget it.Cain snorted. You know better than to think I’ll even consider letting this go. Tell me.

I don’t want you to lose your shit and do something drastic.You know I’d never assassinate an entire pack in retaliation for something a couple of wolves did.