Fifteen elderly die from coronavirus at single care home in northern Portugal Beijing can screen almost 1 million people daily for coronavirus, says official

He nods and I squeeze his hand and smile.

I’ve always thought your eyes were incredible. Her husky voice is quiet, whispering, heavy with sleep. Has my black heart skipping a beat. Heat rises in my chest as she lavishes attention on me in the dark. They’re the best part of you.No. They’re not, I whisper back, her fingers still bestowing tingles on my skin.

No. Not even close. The best part of me is you, Violet.Violet stills, her hand dropping to my chest. My pecs. Covering my heart, leaving tremors in its wake. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.Then you’ve been hanging around a bunch of fucking idiots.

My dick twitches, jerking to life when she edges near—so near, her bare, naked skin presses against mine. Hand presses my shoulder blade forcefully, easing me onto the mattress until I’m flat on my back.She lifts one leg, straddling me.

Say something dirty. Her mouth finds mine. Real dirty.

I grasp her lean hips, running my large hands along her thighs, the raging hard-on between my legs fucking with my head. I don’t know what to say.Oz nods slowly. Anddd…now you’re taking him shoe shopping?

He beat me at basketball. There’s a duh inflection to my tone, and I turn my back to shove another piece of apple in my mouth. Chew. Swallow.Oz and Jameson stare mutely, disbelief etched on both their slack-jawed faces.

A little kid beat you at basketball?Oh my god, I grind out, annoyed. Yes.