Boy Meets Boy Hearts Divided (Cedar Cove #0)

I peered around the tree to spy her standing at the edge of the clearing, frowning at the Suriel. She wore her pale robes, that blue stone crowning her hood. Only two guards with her. Even after all this time … She still underestimated me.

Well, it will certainly be more complicated when Father returns and finds us gone. What do you plan to tell him about all this?Seeing as he hasnt sent word from the continent in months, Ill worry about that later, I sniped back. And thank the Cauldron for it—that he was off trading in some lucrative territory.

Nesta only shook her head, turning toward the chair and her book. I dont care. Do what you want.A stinging dismissal, if not admission that she still trusted me enough to consider Elains needs first. Rhys jerked his chin at Cassian in a silent order to leave, and as I followed them, I said softly, Im sorry, Nesta.She didnt answer as she sat stiffly in her chair, picked up her book, and dutifully ignored us. A blow to the face would have been better.

When I looked ahead, I found Cassian staring back at Nesta as well.I wondered why no one had yet mentioned what now shone in Cassians eyes as he gazed at my sister.

The sorrow. And the longing.

The suite was filled with sunlight.There is panic inside that I have the only copies, here, in my camera. If the Lorders ask those boys the right questions, theyll know their Levos were photographed. Theyll be desperate to find me. And if they work out who I am…Im dead.

This is way past self-preservation. I have to stay alive. I have to get these photos to Aiden.We have to get the word out, and make it stop.

Stella smiles to see me, looks so absurdly happy that Im seeking her out, that a sinking feeling stirs deep in my chest. Of course, come in, she says, and I walk into her office and turn the lock behind me. She raises an eyebrow. This looks serious. Is everything all right?And I dont know what to say. The less I tell her, the better for her, really. But despite all the need for caution, I just cant do it to her; I cant disappear with no word. Not again.