Winter Born (Dark-Hunter #0) The Younger Gods (The Dreamers #4)

This is Molly Everhart Trueblood, Molly said, sounding wry. I take it this is Leo Pellissier of New Orleans.

Aiden collapsed into a chair. "What?"Kendrick moved so that he could lean his back against the coffee table. These two would be the death of him. Getting their empathy under control was exhausting.

"Is everything okay in here? We saw you carry Meryn and Amelia in and we were worried," a soft voice asked.Kendrick looked up and smiled. Anne, Rheia, Elizabeth, and the rest of the Alpha Unit were walking through the door."Evidently, denka has magic," Ryuu replied.

"No, I don't. I would know if I had magic," Meryn protested.Kendrick raised an eyebrow at the stubborn female.

"Meryn, I was told that you didn't have it easy growing up, is that correct?"

Kendrick kept going. "You have magic, but it's a very small amount, just enough to be bothersome. You have empathy, the same gift as your cousin."Let me be friends with Maggie. Just friends. She’s helped me in ways no one else could.

I glanced over at her and saw her eyes had gone wide. She hadn’t expected that. It made her gorgeous face cute. For the first time in a long time I felt like laughing.You want to be friends with Maggie? Brady asked, sounding confused. I don’t understand.

He wouldn’t. But she didn’t talk to him. He didn’t know how the sound of her voice could soothe an ache. He didn’t know having someone to talk to who understood the pain I was going through was exactly what I needed. I didn’t need to talk to him or any of the guys. They didn’t get it. Only Maggie.Then You Shouldn’t Be So Damn Pretty