Israel says UAE visit 'making history' - Palestinians call it 'shameful' LPGA happy to let USGA make Trump course decision

The individual did not identify themselves. They were, however, evidently from the s’Hisbe. Bottom line, either I turn over your brother at midnight tomorrow or the Queen is declaring war on not just myself and the Brothers, but vampires at large.

The stone was uncut but still shone as if it were alive—as if it sensed me holding it and had eyes looking back at me. My skin tingled. I wanted to put it down—somehow I knew it didn’t like me. How big is it?Six hundred carats. Jethro came closer, his spicy aftershave clouding around me. It’s the reason why we are what we are.

Jethro stole the stone, holding it up to the spotlight in the ceiling. It was the third diamond my ancestors ever found. They didn’t know what it was—we didn’t know then that diamonds come in colours—pink, yellow, blue. They thought it was obsidian. But they knew they had something special. When they returned to England, they researched it. They had the top specialist from the Crown Jewels make an assessment.He twisted the rock, his face pensive. When they were told it was a black diamond, the name stuck. The men who’d helped my ancestors find it immediately became known by that name. He smiled. Fancy that…a piece of history and you didn’t have to pay a debt to hear it.Chills scattered down my arms.

Up until that second, I’d revelled in hearing how the Hawks came into power. But he’d ruined it. Just like everything.How did your family go from serving my ancestors to mining massive rocks?

Jethro shook his head. That piece of information will come with a price.

Jethro pulled me into his body, his hardness instantly igniting my blood. A debt, naturally.The further we drove, the more my body hurt—I could no longer distinguish if it was from drowning or leaving Jethro in the hands of evil.

A smidgen of relief came unwanted. I was free. Despite everything, I’d gotten out alive—at the cost of another. I’m safe.The officer smiled thinly. You’ll be fully debriefed when we get to London. I suggest you have a rest.

Every new distance, my diamond collar grew heavier, colder.Every metre we travelled, my fingertip tattoos itched with spidery scratches.