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Trying, he said and rolled off the bed. Bending to his jeans, he began to pull on his clothes.

His eyes narrowed. I am not familiar with an aunt Dorcas.You wouldn’t be, Cecilia said. She’s my mother’s aunt.

And where does she live?Considering that she was wholly a figment of Cecilia’s imagination, nowhere, but her mother’s mother had been Scottish, so Cecilia said, Edinburgh.You would leave your home?

If it meant avoiding marriage to Horace, yes.I will make you see reason, Horace growled, and then before she knew what he was about, he kissed her.

Cecilia drew one breath after he released her, and then she slapped him.

Horace slapped her back, and a week later, Cecilia left for New York.She sighed, getting the message, which was part of why he loved her so much. No, thanks, I’ve gotta go. Gotta get up early tomorrow for a wedding. I’ve got a cake to make and flowers to arrange.

He found a smile. Another dog wedding?In on the joke that she made more money off dog tiaras and elaborate animal weddings than grooming and pet supplies, she laughed. Parrots.

Finn laughed too and gave her a hug goodnight. As she walked away, his gaze automatically searched for Pru. The gang was all moving to the back room and she was with them, heading for either the pool table or the dartboards. It was tourney night.He took some orders and flagged down Sean to pass them off. Fill these for Workaholic, Playboy, and Desperado at your four, five, and six o’clock. He turned and caught Pru staring at him. She’d come back for the bag of leftover chicken wings she’d forgotten.