Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy #4) Until Trevor (Until #2)

Leaning back and pulling cool air into his lungs, he assessed his handiwork. She breathed through parted red lips that glistened, and her eyes were pure sex. She was ready for more.

What is it? Stella was helplessly curious.How about next time? Michael asked.

Baby pictures? Stella all but danced in place. Michael, I want to see them.He grudgingly followed as she towed him after his mom into the family room. Mẹ handed Stella a fat picture album, and mother and son sat on either side of her on the couch.She smoothed her fingers over the velvet cover of the album. The one her mom kept for her was almost identical to this one. It was the kind with sticky pages and the thin plastic cover sheet that peeled off. The first page was a grainy ultrasound printout and a picture of a wrinkle-faced infant who looked like he was a thousand years old. As the pages progressed, however, he cuted up quickly.

There were pictures of Ngoại holding him, of him learning to walk and trying to pick up a watermelon. In one picture, chubby toddler Michael wore a little suit—was it his first suit?—in between a young couple. The woman was a very young, very beautiful version of his mom wearing a white traditional Vietnamese dress with pink flowers embroidered on the front. The man had to be his father. He was tall and blond and had Michael’s crooked grin.You were beautiful, Mẹ, Stella said, running her fingertips down the flowing dress. I love the dress.

I still have that aó dài. You can take it home with you tonight if you want.

It doesn’t fit me anymore, and Michael’s sisters aren’t interested. They only fought over the jewelry, but that’s all gone. Mẹ’s voice was subdued, and her eyes lingered over the blond man’s face. This is Michael’s dad. Very handsome, ah?"He came back out carrying a knife; he walked past me and tried to cut the ropes that had drawn my parent's hides taut. I asked him why he was helping. He turned, and I saw he was crying. He said his father had killed my mother and father, but I had only killed his father. He told me even in my snarling rage, I had spared him, his mother, and his two baby sisters. I took the knife and cut down my parents' skins. He asked me how he could tell a regular tiger from a human tiger so he wouldn't kill someone's mother or father by mistake. I told him not to kill anything he didn't have to. If he killed a tiger that was attacking him, he was within his right to kill it in return, but killing just to kill was wrong.

"I took my parents home, wrapped their skinned bodies in the hides, and buried them both by the river they loved. After that, I couldn't stand living in the forest alone, so I made my way to the human's city. I stole some clothes from a clothesline and a purse off a man who was trying to rape a woman. I slowly learned how to be human, saved my money, and headed west. I didn't stop until I reached Texas."Eva didn't even realize she had started crying until Adriel turned her to face him, and he began to kiss her tears away. It was the first time she had ever told anyone what had happened to her parents, and she was glad that the first person she told was her mate.

"Gods, my love, I wish I had been there with you. It hurts my heart knowing you were out there alone, dealing with such grief at a young age when I existed in this world. I would give anything to take this pain from you."She sniffled as a smile began to form in her heart. She looked up and, for the first time in centuries, she truly didn't feel alone. "I know of a way you can make me feel better."