The Long Hot Summer (The Blackstones of Virgina #1) Taste of Torment (Deep In Your Veins #3)

Already in my head, a list formed. A lengthy to-do list that didn’t involve wedding stuff for once. The first thing would be to send Ian Tyler my condolences.

This conversation just kept getting worse and worse. How could she explain that she had been scared to go out and experiment? To let loose and have fun? Or that it was more than that and even hard for her to understand? Nikki couldn’t just hook up. God, she wished she could. It sounded fun and freeing and normal by societal standards, but she had to be into someone on a deeper level to want to have sex with them. Hookups usually didn’t allow for that. This is such an awkward conversation. Seriously.If you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

He was leaning forward again. You guys—Are you seriously asking if Calvin and I had sex? she asked, voice low.He tilted his head. Yes. I was going to say fuck, but having sex sounds more . . . tame.

Nikki flushed to the roots of her hair. Not like that’s any of your business, but yeah, we did.His eyes latched onto hers. Was he the only person besides me?

Oh my God. She pressed back against the booth. I can’t believe you’re asking me this question. I honestly cannot believe it.

Well, believe it, because I am. Have you slept with anyone else?Nikki reached for her glass of tea. Her hand trembled, causing the ice to shake as she took a drink.

In other words, it was going to be a couple of days before she could get back into her apartment. Gabe, along with Rosie, had grabbed several days’ worth of clothing for her.She would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall for that trip.

Setting the tea aside, she tugged the blanket up to her shoulders and closed her eyes. The swelling had started to go down in her left eye, so it was beginning to function like a normal eyeball, thank God. Her rib still ached, usually when standing up or lying down at first, but it was getting better.Life was trucking along even though no one had a clue where Sabrina was, and it wasn’t because the brothers had helped her disappear in that creepy, not-really-missing kind of way.