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His eyes fell to Tess squirming in my arms. Her lithe body rubbed my c**k in such delicious ways making me throb with an orgasm living permanently in my balls. Having difficulties?

His hand cupped my cheek, hot, claiming. We did it.I accepted his feathery kiss. We’re married.

Q kissed me. Nous ne faisons qu’un. We are one.Every f**king way she was mine.My fingers tightened on the leash, dragging her closer. I loved having control. Having her restrained in such a debasing but incredibly powerful way. The anxiety I’d carried finally faded. I had what I needed. I had her oath. I owned her soul.

My lips captured hers again, tangling with two emotions. I wanted to strip her right there and take her—injuries be damned, witnesses be f**ked. But at the same time, I wanted to beat Frederick and Franco for forcing my truth to light.They had no right to dress Tess that way, or provoke me into accepting there was nothing wrong with our relationship. Suzette had been out of bounds.

I was going insane having Tess half-naked. She was my wife. I wanted her covered.

But then you won’t be able stare.He chuckled, shedding some of the stress in his eyes. Stupid idea, right? He picked a non-existent piece of lint off his trousers. I thought it was the only place I would find what I was looking for. That I could stop lying to myself and running from a past I can’t forget. He suddenly looked up, his gaze blazing with jade fire. I’ve grown up since then. There is no running, only accepting. I found what I needed the moment you entered my life. And as much as I dislike that the chateau belonged to my father, I finally have the inclination to turn it from his to ours.

My lungs stuck together. Ours? I breathed.Q twisted his body to face me. Yes. Ours. Yours. Mine. Ours. He gently took my hand, squeezing hard. I no longer need Volière. Next time I speak to Frederick, I’ll get him to draw up the papers to sell it.

I managed to suck in a reedy breath even as my eyes popped wide. Just because you won’t retire there doesn’t mean you have to sell it. I looked to where our hands were joined and couldn’t contain the sharp spasm of lust and love. Keep it. I hate to think of that perfect wilderness being ruined.Q chuckled. You were there for a moment. You can’t have grown attached. His gaze dropped from my eyes to my mouth, turning the faint awareness into something tangible and throbbing.