Fall for Me (Danvers #3) The Daylight War (The Demon Cycle #3)

For the last few hours?

Scarlett turns to face me again, pizzas in her arms, all smiles.Under the soft lamps in her cozy little kitchen—without the earmuffs and the coat and the warm clothes—I can analyze everything about her as if its the first time Im seeing her.

For the first time in four weeks, Im seeing what she looks like under all the jackets and scarves and bulky sweaters. The chocolate-colored hair she usually keeps under a knit cap is shining under the kitchen light, wrapped up in two bite-sized buns.Insatiably curious, I rake my inquisitive green eyes down her body in the comfort of this small room, from the top of her head to the tips of her bare toes.They are painted a bright, brilliant, glittery blue.

Her long-sleeved top is thin and white, tight. Slim waist with picture-perfect boobs, I cant help but notice the outline of her white bra beneath the shirt. The smooth column of her neck. Notice for the first time the silver hoops in her ears.With her hair twisted into those buns on the top of her head, she looks prime. Like a ballerina—one that actually has tits.

Sweet and sexy, both at the same time.

My gaze lowers again.Hell be charged with assaulting an officer, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest.

This wasnt sounding good.Hes looking at some serious jail time, she told me.

I closed my eyes, wishing things had turned out differently. Reading between the lines of what Caden had said, Drew and Kevin had found him and offered him help. It was clear Caden wasnt interested. That being the case, there wasnt anything I could do for him. I certainly wasnt giving him money. He assumed I was an easy touch. I had been at one time, but no more.After the police left and the medical people had driven away, my pulse gradually returned to normal. Drews arms were around me as he whispered, Let me make you a cup of coffee so we can talk this out.