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He told me quite a bit, actually. That was a lie.

Haven’t you ever seen The Shining?Jack Nicholson? Slowly going crazy?

Probably a good idea since your family owns a bunch of hotels. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a horror movie that takes place in a hotel. So. Scary.What does red rum have to do with anything?It’s murder spelled backward. I finish with three warning beats: Dum dum dum.

He gives me one of his are-you-for-real looks again. Sounds terrifying.That’s it. You have to watch the movie. I don’t care if it makes it so you can never step foot in a hotel again. You’re watching it.

He tosses his car keys to an attendant standing by the entrance and then opens the door. The lobby is gorgeous. Luxurious furniture, large plants, shiny tiles and . . . bigger than my entire apartment. The front desk people smile when we walk through. Good afternoon, Mr. Spence.

He gives a small nod and directs me down the hall by placing a hand on my lower back. A chill goes through me. We come to a double-door gold elevator and he pushes the Up button, dropping his hand from my back. There’s an actual elevator guy inside wearing a blue jacket with big gold buttons. He says hi to Xander and me and I wave. He presses the button next to the number twenty. The elevator goes higher and higher until it finally stops with a ding.Yes. We should TP someone’s house. Whose?

I don’t know. Then I raise my hand like she’s a teacher. Xander’s!She laughs. Who wants to TP Xander’s house?

The guys just look at us and groan.We don’t need you. I stand. Let’s go.