Wait, you go crazy without the guys? I ask, jumping in. No, Poppy said, as Brown’s arms came around her. No.

Well, well, well. It looks like Richard’s lawyer was trying to blackmail him, Kennedy says with a smile. A month ago he sent Richard an e-mail telling him that if Richard didn’t give him a quarter of a million dollars, he would tell everyone what he knows.

Kelvan smiled for the first time, and his fangs flashed again. It was a little strange to be talking computers with a guy who had fangs, but I did my best to act like it was no big deal.He held up a small rectangular gadget. This is a mobile hotspot and it’ll let you connect to the internet from almost anywhere. The account is not in your name, and there’s no way to trace it back to you or us. I also installed some of my own apps on the Mac that will allow you to browse the internet and make secure calls that can’t be traced to your IP. Come over to my desk and I’ll show you how to use them.

Twenty minutes later, I closed the laptop after a crash course in how to use a Mac and Kelvan’s special software. In addition to the laptop, he gave me a bag containing four prepaid cell phones and an envelope containing five hundred dollars in cash. I tried to refuse the money, but he said it was from David, not him. When I asked him if David could afford it, Kelvin chuckled and said their clients paid generously for their services. His statement made me wonder exactly what they did for their clients and why he chose to stay in this rundown building when he could afford to live in a better neighborhood. He seemed like a nice guy, a bit shy around strangers. But then it wasn’t as if a guy with horns could go out and socialize a lot. From the look of his apartment, he didn’t have many visitors either.I was getting to my feet when a scrawny white cat entered the living room and headed straight for Kelvan. It was easy to tell from the cat’s matted fur and staggering walk that it was unwell, and I automatically bent to pick it up. The poor creature weighed next to nothing, and it could barely manage a weak hiss in my direction.Kelvan immediately reached for the cat. Please, don’t hurt her.

I was so shocked anyone would think I could harm an animal that I answered more sharply than I meant to. Don’t be ridiculous. I cradled the cat in my arms, my power already searching for the source of her illness. It didn’t take long to discover the tumors riddling her frail body. The poor creature would be lucky if she lived another two weeks. She’s full of cancer. Didn’t you take her to a vet?His eyes widened until they looked like large black buttons. How do you...? I took her to one of our doctors, and he said there was nothing he could do for her. He held out his hands and I saw they were trembling. Please, Lulu is all I have.

I gave him a reassuring smile and sat on the couch between Roland and Peter with the cat on my lap. I had healed very sick animals before, but never one so full of cancer. I didn’t want to make any promises to Kelvan until I knew I could help Lulu. I laid both hands on her stomach and cringed as my power explored the extent of her tumors. They were so big that some of them had fused together. She should have been put to sleep weeks ago. The agony on Kelvan’s face told me he knew that, but couldn’t bring himself to part with her.

Kelvan came to stand before me, clenching his hands together. What are you going to do to her?The redhead’s attention shifted back to me and instead of fear I felt a flash of annoyance. Why did everyone assume I was the weak one? I looked at Jordan’s sword and listened to the two growling werewolves behind me. Okay, maybe this time they were right.

I think he likes you, Jordan said, laughter in her voice.The blond vampire yelled at his friend who was still making a God-awful racket as he tried to remove my arrow. Shut up, Trevor!

I can shut him up for you, Jordan said sweetly. Wouldn’t take more than a second.You can have her, snarled the redhead. I want the little one.