Beat of the Heart (Runaway Train #2) White Cat (Curse Workers #1)

Then the Weaver, the Carver, and Bryaxis unleashed themselves upon Hybern.

Theyre walking, evenly spaced, in single file.Shall we go down for a closer look? Finley asks, and I hesitate. Something feels wrong, so wrong, but I dont know what, and there is a sense of foreboding inside. One that says we shouldnt be here. At least, Finley shouldnt be here.

I pull us back along some trees. Take off my pack. Can you wait here? Im going down for a careful nosy. I dont want us to be seen.I dont know. I should come with you.Honestly, there is nothing to worry about, I lie. Im really good at staying hidden, and itll be easier without the pack. Ill just creep down, have a quick look and come straight back up. Just stay out of sight here. All right? Ill be fine. I promise.

Youre just going to have a look and come back.All right, he says, and looks at his watch. Ill give you an hour. If youre not back by then, Im coming down to look for you. Deal?

I take off my outer coat: its light blue and might stand out. My wool layer underneath is grey and should blend into shadows.

At first I stick to the path: it is cut into the hill, so with me bent down I shouldnt be visible from below. Then as I get closer to the trees I cut off the path into the scrub, hugging rocks, then trees, heading for the fence along from where we saw the children, estimating where I should intersect them with the passage of time. Moving careful, quiet, slow. These skills, so useful now, of moving without noise, using the cover such as it is to best advantage, are all things I learned from Nico and the AGT years ago. I stop behind some rocks, the fence a bit less than fifty metres away, and wait.If it was this bad now—

How, I rasped. Rhys had told me three things a moment ago:Wed won—barely. Tarquin had again decided what to do with any survivors. And Cassian had been gravely injured.

Where were you, was all Mor said to me. She was soaked, bloody, and coated in mud. Azriel was, too. No sign of injuries beyond minor cuts, mercifully.I shook my head. Id let Rhys into my mind while he held me. Showed him everything—explained Ianthe and the Suriel and the Weaver. What it had told me. Rhyss eyes had gone distant for a moment, and I knew Amren was on her way, the Book in tow. To help Nesta track that Cauldron—or try to. He could explain to Mor.