Shadow Game (GhostWalkers #1) The Fill-In Boyfriend

Now there was signage, the overhead plaques with arrows directing people this way and that to things like RADIOLOGY, OUTPATIENT SURGERY, OBSTETRICS, WELLNESS CARE. Eventually, Havers took them down a short hall that had four closed doors, two on each side. Beside them, discreet labels read FAMILY COUNSELING.

Tove had moved into the palace after the Vittra had kidnapped me to help keep things safe. He was actually much stronger than any of the guards here, and he may even be stronger than me. His room was down the hall from mine, and the door was open when I stopped by.A few cardboard boxes were set around the room, some of them empty, but one had books overflowing from it. He had one sitting on the bed, and Tove put in a few pairs of jeans.

Going somewhere? I asked, leaning on the doorframe.No, just getting ready for the move. He pointed down the hall toward Eloras room – our new room. For Saturday.Do you need help with anything? Duncan asked. Hed followed me down to Toves, since he followed me everywhere.

Sure, if you want. Tove shrugged.Duncan went in and pulled out some of Toves clothes from the drawer. I stayed where I was, hating how awkward everything felt between us. When we were training or talking politics, everything was good with Tove and me. We were almost always on the same page, and we talked openly about anything having to do with the palace or work.

But when it came to our wedding and our actual relationship, neither of us could ever find the words.

Did you want to train today? I asked Tove.Yeah, I said. Of course we can. If anybody can, its us. Were like the most powerful Trylle ever. And were neat people. We can handle spending the rest of our lives with each other.

Yeah, Tove said, sounding more encouraged by the prospect. In fact, Im looking forward to it. I like you. You like me. We have fun together. We agree on almost everything. Were going to be the best husband and wife ever.Yeah, totally, I chimed in. Were perfect for each other.

We are, Tove said, and then more quietly, We really are.We both lapsed into silence after that, staring off at the snow, lost in our own thoughts. I wasnt sure exactly what Tove was thinking. I wasnt even sure what I was thinking. On paper, Tove and I made more sense than anyone else, but in my heart, it didnt feel that way.