How will he get that information? I’m older than all of you, and I know I want to have a kid.

I settled into the passenger seat. I asked about college. What did you major in?

Not wanting to give him a bit of satisfaction, I bit into the green bean and smiled as I slowly used my lips to pull it from the fork. I didn’t miss the way his eyes widened as I ate. I learned a long time ago via Clueless that drawing attention to your mouth was always a surefire way to garner a man’s attention. Bacon fat be damned.I am, actually, I said. Makes it slide down easier.

I watched with delight as he swallowed hard. Serves you right, pal.I wasn’t sure exactly why I was so happy that he was caught up in my little performance, but it pleased me and stoked the small fire I could feel burning deep in my stomach when I looked at him. It was too bad he was such a jerk and that I’d sworn off men for the time being. We could have had a lot of fun together.You know you want some of my chicken, Luke said, his voice low and teasing.

I hated the shiver that raced along my spine. I do not want your chicken.It’s okay. You can have some, duchess.

Duchess? I wasn’t sure where he’d gotten the nickname until I realized he probably had me pegged for a spoiled little rich brat. To anyone who didn’t know the truth, that’s probably what I looked like. But in my heart, it wasn’t who I was.

Which was exactly why I’d fled and left everything behind.Shut up. Looping her arm through mine, she grinned. You liked it. Everyone likes a Lindsey level of butt fondling.

That’s what I hear.She sucked in a sharp gasp. Bitch.

A laugh curled through the night air as her arm tightened around mine. Love you.Love you long time, I replied, grinning as we hoofed it up the slight hill and the party came into view once more. Apparently I’d been hiding out for longer than I’d realized. Wow.