At Any Turn (Gaming the System #2) The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (Bevelstoke #1)

At an alarmingly rapid pace.

No, Im not crying. I wasnt, but my eyes were moist.Dont cry. He tried to sit up, but he winced when he lifted his head, so I put my hand gently on his chest to keep him down.

You need to rest, I said.I will be fine. He put his hand over mine again, and I let him. Eventually.Can you tell me what happened? I asked. Why do you need amnesty?

Remember when we were in the garden? Loki asked.Of course I remembered. Loki had snuck in over the wall and asked me to run away with him. I had declined, but hed stolen a kiss before he left, a rather nice kiss. My cheeks reddened slightly at the memory, and that made Loki smile wider.

I see you do, he grinned.

What does that have to do with anything? I asked.I dont know. She has a big crush on him, but Im not sure how he feels about her. Willa sounded happy about the prospect. Normally, when she talked about Rhys or any mänks, she sounded bored.

So what do you think? Matt turned to me. Are you gonna eat supper?No, thanks. I shook my head. Im pretty beat. I need a shower and a nap.

Are you sure? Matt asked, and I nodded. What about you, Willa? Do you have dinner plans?Um, no. She smiled at him. Id love to eat here.