Paris Louvre museum closes until further notice due to coronavirus Coronavirus death toll in Italy's Lombardy rises by around 296 in a day: source

It’s pickles, people, she muttered. Pickles. Total cliché here.

At first he wasn’t sure what he was hearing. But then, over the drone of the shower, he recognized it as retching.He jumped out of the marble stall so fast, he nearly yard-saled on the slippery floor. Beth! Beth—

I’m fine, she said from around the corner.Rushing over to the toilet’s separate little room, he threw out his palms and felt around, finding his mate on her knees in front of the bowl, one hand holding back her hair, the other braced on the seat.She was cut off by a series of heaves, and as he stood over her, he wanted to be the one going through the gasping and the straining.

Screw this, he muttered, stumbling forward as he went for the house phone—Except it rang before he could pick the thing up to dial the clinic’s extension. Shit, maybe V’s wife was reading minds, too, now.

Ah, no, sire, ’tis Fritz.

Oh, listen—could you get me—Assail didn’t bother correcting his cousin’s choice of words. He was too distracted by the fact that the shaking that had started in his hands had moved upward, a weed spreading throughout his flesh until even his thigh muscles were twitching.

It took him a moment to label the cause, and when he did, the largest part of him rejected the definition.But the fact of the matter was … for the first time in his adult life, he was afraid.

Where the hell is this place? Fucking Canada?Behind the wheel of the Crown Vic, Two Tone was ready to eat a bullet as the bitching continued. This five-hour drive through the middle of the night had been bad enough, but the waste of skin beside him in the passenger seat?