The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles #6) The Wolf's Hour (Michael Gallatin #1)

Hope flared briefly, and then she realized her father must be the one coming. Dad?

You sound like my father.I admire the males sound thinking already.

They pulled up to the front of the ranch, and through the windows, the people milling around and laughing and eating and drinking were everything she loved about her family.He leaned across and pulled her in for a kiss. And willing. But that second part can come later in the night.Ivie smiled against his mouth. We leave right after dessert.

Dont take this the wrong way, I mean absolutely no disrespect to your family—Im counting the minutes, too.

After another quick peck, they both opened their doors, and given the way Silas hustled around to offer her his arm, she knew he would have preferred she wait and let him be a gentlemale. Yet he didnt seem bothered.

There was no formal walkway, just a crushed trail in the snow that led to the cinder-block step up. The door was aluminum made to look like wood, as was the gray and white siding and the red shutters. The roof was asphalt not slate, and there were no chimneys.I cant wait any longer. I did the best I could.

Ivie smiled so wide, she put her hand up to cover the dopey expression even though she was alone. Well, as I live and breathe, Silas, son of Mordachy.His deep voice was raspy in a fantastic way. I didnt want to come across as overeager. So I waited. And waited. My goal was to make it to tomorrow so I didnt look weak and clingy, but I cracked.

Im glad you called. And if youre brave enough to admit you broke down earlier than planned, Ill meet you on that playing field and tell you I was starting to worry you wouldnt be back.Oh, that laugh. Not a chance. I cant stop thinking about you—but not in a stalker way, I promise.