Paradise Valley (Virgin River #7) How to Seduce a Vampire (Love at Stake #15)

Why dont you spend more time with immortals? Maybe you could fall in love again, Daniel suggested.

He stood in front of his TV, watching an unsuspecting woman swim alone in the ocean as the great white stalked her, and he unbuttoned his shirt.Dun dun, dun dun. Daniel was singing along with the growing intensity of the music when he heard a bang on his roof. What the heck was that?

He looked up at the ceiling, before realizing that was dumb and he couldnt see through it. Then he heard another bang, this one sounding like it came from the ground. He paused the movie, then went to the front door to see if he could find out what was going on.Of course Im going to the front door like a stupid chick in a horror movie, he muttered. On his way to the door, he doubled back and grabbed a baseball bat from the closet. Now I just have to remember not to go outside and ask if anyone is there.He opened the door, fully expecting to see a raccoon, Harper, or Jason Vorhees. Instead it was just Penn, smiling in that suggestive way that she always did.

Hey, handsome, Penn purred.What the hell are you doing here? Daniel asked, but instead of answering him, she slid past him and walked into his house. Sure, come on in. Thats what I meant.

I love what youve done with the place, Penn said as she admired the cabin. Much nicer than the last time I was out here.

Daniel sighed and closed the door. He set the bat on the butchers block in the kitchen. Right now it didnt look like he needed it, but things could always take a turn for the worse with Penn.And yet she kept walking, her pace increasing, steps near-clomping on the marble floors. If he wanted to take a step back on their progress, that was just fine. But she certainly didnt have to let him do it—not without trying.

Yrene stormed down a long, dim corridor. She wasnt a coward; she wouldnt back down from this fight. Shed left that girl in that alley in Innish. And if he was inclined to sulk about Nesryn, then he was entitled to do so. But to call off their session because of it—Shed simply tell him that and leave. Calmly. Rationally.

Yrene scowled with each step, muttering the word under her breath. Unacceptable.And she had let him kick her out, no matter what she might have tried to tell herself.