Ours to Love (Wicked Lovers #7) A Coalition of Lions (The Lion Hunters #2)

He laughed, his warm breath puffing against my lips.

Sweat dotted his brow and then ran down into his hair and his ears. His thighs ached. His lungs ceased to work. His heart didn’t so much pound as blow up with every beat.The idea that he had been attracted to someone of the same sex was something he had never confronted before. Sure, he was aware that those liaisons occurred, but he’d always assumed it was just something the aristocracy indulged. Where he came from? As a lowly civilian from a traditional background?

No, his parents would never have approved of this, his father especially. That male had been very adamant about what the proper roles were for both sexes, and they had not included masculine coupling. He had also been clear about the expectations for each person in the family, mahmen, father, daughter, son.And you wanted your elders to approve of you, especially after a youth where you were bigger than everybody else and shy as a fawn in social situations.In fact, Ruhn had nearly killed himself to live up to what his father had needed from him, what his family had required. The idea of letting them down—

Wait, why was he thinking like this? As if he had already had sex with someone of the same…well, sex, as it were?Because you want to kiss him. Admit it.

As the thought went through his head, he threw his no-I-don’t into the bar, shoving the weights up with the same kind of power he’d had when he’d first started. He absolutely did not want anything from that male. At all. Because if he did? Well, he’d already been through the nightmare of discovering a new, unacknowledged part of him, and that had been a horrible experience, to say the least.

He was not going through that again.Peyton moved in closer and lowered his voice. Excuses, excuses.

With the way she glared at him, it was clear she wanted to hit him. Break his legs. Stab him.And he wanted all of that, too. It was punishment for his dropping that bomb back in the break room. It was self-harm done by someone else, a vital, painful distraction that took his mind off the fact that he gotten way too real with the wrong person, at the very wrong time.

Shit, had he really just told Paradise he loved her?So when are we going to fuck, he said in a guttural voice. I’m ready to stop ignoring this.